Zero Emissions

   Zero Emissions Challenge

New Earth Environment intends to develop or fund the development of an apparatus that will significantly improve fuel economy for motor vehicles.  Also, a special grant will be available to any inventor who can retrofit a car to emit zero emissions at an affordable price. 

The Challenge

If you are an aspiring inventor, and have developed a way to retrofit existing motor vehicles built after 1995, to run on an alternative source of energy that yields close to zero emissions, we want to hear from you!

Successful applications will be supported with monetary and engineering expertise to ensure their inventions are thoroughly tested and are commercially ready. 

Ownership of your idea will not be at risk, you will also receive assistance on how to patent your works!

Here is how to get involved:

      At large inventors interested in grant money or other assistance will be required to submit an application for grant money.  All applications will be reviewed by the research and development management committee.

      Monies will be granted based on merit and market potential of ideas. 

      All applicants must have a working prototype.

      All assistance is planned to be of no charge.

For more information regarding the specifics of the challenge (i.e., amount of assistance, etc.) or on how you can get involved, please email


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